Praise for BOUNDERS

Over the last few months, BOUNDERS landed in the hands of some very special people. I am so humbled and filled with gratitude over the kind comments by these authors. They are my idols!


“A richly detailed, highly imaginative world and a cast of clever, creative kids. Readers will be eager to bound into the next book.”

— Shannon Messenger, author of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series


“BOUNDERS is a joyful space adventure full of humor, friendships and action. This is a great sci-fi adventure for boys and girls alike. I had so much fun reading it!”

— S.J. Kincaid, author of the INSIGNIA series


“Fans of Ender’s Game will feel right at home in this fast-paced debut . . . I read it in a day, unable to put it down, and I look forward to more from this promising new author!”

— Wesley King, author of The Incredible Space Raiders from Space! and OCDaniel

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