More Praise for Bounders

BOUNDERS High Res cover

Bounders was recently reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly. The full text of the review is copied below.

“In this galaxy-spanning trilogy opener, 12-year-old cadets at the EarthBound Space Academy are part of the first generation genetically bred to facilitate easier interstellar travel. Jasper Adams has felt like an outcast all his life—he and his fellow “Bounders” have traits that include hyperactivity, social difficulties, and autistic qualities. “Scientists discovered people with genes like mine have the best brains for quantum space travel,” Jasper explains. At the Academy, Jasper and his podmates—impulsive Marco, know-it-all Cole, dramatic Lucy, and mute Mira—bond, hone their abilities, and learn how to “quantum bound” from one place to another without using a spaceship. As they look into the mystery of an alien held captive at the Academy, they discover a long-held secret and face a universe more complex than they imagined. While the story raises its share of ethical questions, it shines in its depiction of neurodiverse characters, especially Cole and Mira, as Tesler uses familiar SF conventions to show that kids with ADD, autism, or other conditions can be as heroic as anyone else.”

— Publisher’s Weekly

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